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In a nutshell.

Ant & Zoe Harris. Creative directors. Real life Mr & Mrs. All round nice folk, if we do say so ourselves.

16 work years in the making.

Currently Creative directors at Havas Lynx.

Previously found at TBWA\MCR and Iris.


Work highlights

Chucking a TV out of a high-rise flat window.

Saving animals on the verge of extinction with a credit card.

Sailing out to sea on a pirate ship with a bunch of scurvy naves.

Recreating 215 Ashes trophies to represent 215 lives lost to suicide.

Turning Peppa Pig green for a new theme park ride.

Winning a pitch for an erectile dysfunction drug.

Helping to rebuild the Philippines pixel by pixel.

Adding Cannes to our list of awards.


Work dreams

To make work that is not only impactful but effective too. That’s the dream ey?

To use our creative magic to impact culture and create real change.

To nurture future talent and create a team that everyone wants to be a part of.

To work with a bunch of lovely people (clients included) who are good at what they do and strive to make creative stuff that makes people feel something. Wallpaper is not our thing.

Awards are always nice. But let’s concentrate on the effective stuff, then the gold shiny things will follow.


Usual contact details apply.


Instagram - Zoe @zoemacharris Ant - @ant_harris1

Email -

Phone - 07834 164537

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