Smyths Toys Superstore - Disguisable carrier bags

It’s a universal truth that hiding Christmas presents from children is an annual nightmare for parents. And trying to sneak those all-important toys and games into the house is particularly tricky.


We devised an ingenious solution that let parents pull the wool over their kid’s eyes: disguisable carrier bags for Smyths Toys Superstore.


The bags were offered to parents at the till instead of our usual bags; each one designed to be mind-numbingly dull to children, but to raise a smile for Mum and Dad. More importantly, they could now sneak Elsa or Buzz into the house without raising the slightest suspicion.


So, a simple and inexpensive idea to produce, but one that maintained the magic of Christmas and put Smyths Toys Superstore at the top of Santa’s good list.

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